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Amiti is an Israeli-American venture capital firm that invests in Israeli entrepreneurs and founding teams raising their seed or series A rounds. We prefer teams with deep technology capabilities that create or disrupt multi-billion dollar markets. We back Israeli entrepreneurs whether they are based in Israel or abroad. We invest early and support our companies as they grow, leveraging our presence and network in the US to provide guidance and assistance with access to markets and customers. The Partners at Amiti have demonstrated their capabilities with successful exits in Waze, Argus, Cloudendure, Corephotonics, among others. We have also proven our expertise in seeding leading teams that include Innoviz, AppsFlyer, AiDoc, Cycognito, Valens, Vayyar, among many others.

  • - Artificial Intelligence
  • - Semiconductors
  • - Digital Health, Computational Bio
  • - Mobility as a service



Amiti is solely focused on partnering with Israel’s tech talent to build global businesses and is committed to fuel and accelerate Israel’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

If you are looking to bring the team from the unit back together, or get your idea off the ground, please contact us.



Stealth Mode


CyCognito’s platform provides organizations a complete Attack Surface analysis from a sophisticated attacker point of view. By understanding which specific Attack Vectors can lead to a data breach – security analysts and management can eliminate their cybersecurity threats effectively


Innoviz is developing the key technologies of Autonomous Driving – Smart 3D Sensing, Sensor Fusion and accurate Mapping and Localization


Corephotonics is a compact camera design house with computational photography expertise. It develops solutions based on unique algorithms, novel actuators and optical designs. In January 2019, Corephotonics was acquired by Samsung for $155 million.


Autotalks is a fabless semiconductor company providing a comprehensive solution for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication


Vayyar sensors enable an extensive breadth of applications ranging from breast cancer screening to detecting water leakage, food safety monitoring and many more


Sckipio is the first semiconductor company dedicated to delivering ultra high-speed broadband, using next generation modems


Valens is a fabless semiconductor firm and leading provider of semiconductor products for the distribution of uncompressed high definition multimedia content


Amimon is a fabless semiconductor company pioneering wireless uncompressed high-definition video for universal connectivity among CE, PC, mobile and professional video devices. In November 2018, Amimon was acquired by Vitec for $55 million.


Siklu Communications delivers carrier-grade millimeter wave Gigabit Ethernet radio solutions with paradigm-shifting price performance. Offering the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), and incorporating on-board networking capabilities, solutions from Siklu are ideally suited for the both mobile backhaul and carrier Ethernet business services

Flash Networks

Flash Networks is a global provider of intelligent mobile Internet solutions that enable operators to improve quality of experience, reduce network operational expenses and manage and monetize the mobile Internet

The Amiti Team

Amiti was founded by Ben Rabinowitz and is supported by an Investment Advisory Committee. We collaborate with leading Israeli venture capital firms with the goal of maximizing our portfolio companies’ potential
Ben Rabinowitz
Managing Partner & Founder
Ben founded Amiti in 2010 and serves as a Managing Partner in Amiti Funds I-III. In Funds I & II, Ben focuses on Amiti’s investment strategy, deal flow, and deal execution, as well as guiding portfolio companies to create and lead new markets and grow from seed stage to market leadership. Ben brings more than 15 years of operational and investment leadership experience in Israeli Tech. He has a successful track record in identifying strong teams; leading M&A; setting product strategy; executing product strategies as well as building high growth organizations. He serves on a number of Amiti portfolio companies’ Board of Directors. Ben holds an MBA from Georgetown University
Modi Rosen
Managing Partner

Modi has joined Amiti for the formation of Amiti III and serves as a Managing Partner. Modi co-founded Magma and has served as managing partner, responsible for Magma’s investment process and strategy. Modi is well known for his investment acumen and ability to build ICT startup companies from seed stage to industry leadership. Modi brings over 25 years of business experience, particularly in strategic management of tech companies, including identifying early, disruptive changes in markets and spotting best-for-the-mission teams. Modi serves on a number of Magma’s portfolio companies’ Board of Directors. Modi holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University.
Maya Pizov
General Partner

Maya has joined Amiti in early 2019 as a General Partner. She previously worked as VP, Business Development at Ensilo in San Francisco. Prior to that, she served as a Principal at Viola Ventures (formerly Carmel Ventures), where she was responsible for deal sourcing, screening, due diligence and deal negotiations. Previously, Maya held a Product and Program Manager position at eBay, and an Application Consultant position at Oracle. Maya holds an MBA from Kellog School of Management and an Industrial Engineering degree from Tel Aviv University.
Yafit Schwartz

Yafit has extensive experience in finance and accounting mainly for Israeli Hi-Tech companies traded on NASDAQ, in diverse industries. Prior to joining Amiti, Yafit has served as VP Finance in Perion Networks Ltd. In addition to leading and managing the corporate finance teams, she has played a key role in M&A activities and in post-merger integration processes. Yafit Schwartz is an Israeli Certified Public Accountant and holds a B.A. in Accounting and Economics from the Tel-Aviv University.
Vered Digmy
Investor Relations

Vered brings 18 years of experience as IR Manager in the VC/ PE industry. She has extensive experience in investor relations, capital raising and strategic planning. She is well connected in the Israeli venture capital & high tech industries, and maintains strong connections with foreign and local investors. She is former Director of IR at Giza VC and IR Manager at Grove VC. Vered holds a BA degree in English literature & Education from Tel Aviv University.

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