Denso picks Autotalks chip for V2X mass deployment

Denso picks Autotalks chip for V2X mass deployment

September 28, 2016 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
A next-generation V2X chipset from Autotalks (Kfar-Netter, Israel) has been selected by DENSO, a top global auto parts supplier and a V2X ECU pioneer. The chipset will be at the center of a global V2X platform from DENSO for car-makers mass market projects.

A prototyping phase has already started towards an unprecedented high-volume SOP (Start Of Production) in 2019, targeting North America market.

V2X Communication connects vehicles to other vehicles (V2V), infrastructure (V2I), motorcycles (V2M) and pedestrians (V2P) within wireless range for safety and mobility applications. It adds a new layer of confidence and certainty for drivers as it helps prevent car accidents.

It complements the information of other sensors, especially in situations of non-line-of-sight, rough weather or poor lighting conditions. The pivotal mass-deployment of V2X demonstrates the importance of the technology and the belief that it will achieve a dramatic improvement in road safety.

Autotalks’ next generation devices embed a mobility optimized modem, support dual-antenna with optimal and flexible RX/TX diversity, perform line-rate message ECDSA verification of the entire link capacity and embed an ultra-low-latency V2X HSM. In addition, Autotalks’ next generation was designed for cryptoagility and scalability, and is capable of operating at a high temperature range. All these advantages combined, coupled with a rigorous benchmark, crowned Autotalks’ next generation as optimal for DENSO‚Äôs global mass market V2X platform.

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